June 5, 2018 HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, PSOM! A VERY special thank you to mari@shadowplay for our amazing anniversary header! And sign up to participate in the PSOM Anniversary Championship, coming soon.

May 1, 2018 Summer is here! Check out the Summer Announcement and get ready for some island fun in the sun.

April 1, 2018 Winter Term has officially ended. Check out the Winter Term 2018 Awards and congratulate your friends!

March 1, 2018 The last month of Winter Term has begun! The Valentine's events will be moved to the Time Turner, but feel free to continue your RP threads there.

February 1-28, 2018 ~ This year, PSOM is sponsoring a Valentine's trip to the romantic Italian vineyards! Event will run the entire month of February.

January 13, 2018 ~ Art Club's Winter Term Challenge has been posted. You have until the end of Winter Term to complete the challenge, and earn up to 300 points for your house!

January 1, 2018 ~ Happy New Year! Winter Term begins today, and runs through March 31st. Check out the Winter Term Update for more information.

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ABC Harry Potter on Jun 11 2018, 10:17 PM by Sasha Devilish
The Hall of Awards, the Compliments Board, Away Board, and OOC Games & Chat can be found here.
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Callboards, wanted ads, Pleaides chronicles, character plots, and open threads list all found here.
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Sign up here to be a part of this historic event! Students years 1 through 9 are welcome!
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Lunch time on Jul 23 2018, 10:12 AM by 🦄Sorcha Halliwell
The Main Tower and its immediate surroundings contain most of the main classroom and dormitory areas for Pleaides School of Magic. The Main Tower is located in the middle of the island, but not in the exact center of the island. It is not tall, just four floors and a mansard, and it's the administrative centre of the island. As you enter, you will see a large foyer, several doors and a staircase. One of the doors leads to the Mess Hall, the dining-room of the island. Another door leads to the Magic Garden room, which contains the sorting chamber containing a water well that decides which house best fits someone's character. A third door leads to the Registrar, which contains information on both the students and the staff at PSOM.
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Where all students of PSOM will find their extracurricular activities!
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The old time!! OPEN on Jun 29 2018, 11:43 AM by Lance Drake-Berry
The mansard is located just under the roof of the Main Tower. Inside the mansard is the Roof Garden, as well as glass windows on all four walls, giving those inside a magnificent view of Monsoon Island from all directions. The perfect place to study or relax with a cup of tea.
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Let me explain on Jul 30 2018, 07:48 PM by Aisling Flanigan
Residences of adults of the island. There are four squares to choose from, each square consisting of a block of 10 beautiful homes. Students are allowed to walk down the streets, but not to enter in houses where they are not invited. Some houses can be rented for special occasions.
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The central intersection of Antilles Square. Here, you can find assorted businesses and the Post Office.
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You...?|| OPEN on Jun 17 2018, 03:46 AM by Elesia Drake
A small, abandoned shack in the woods. Mysteriously, the house is not run-down or in disrepair, and is always ready to accommodate visitors and travelers.
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The next stop on Jul 18 2018, 04:36 PM by 🐵Ashlyn Nordhoff
A clearing in the woods. A stream is passing through.
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A sparse wood mostly of pines. It is splitted in half by the Main Path.
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A small lagoon half-hidden by the pine grove. It's surrounded by rocks and a short trait of sandy coast. It's connected by the sea with a hollow in the rock where water flows in.
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The pier of the island is the main arrival area on Monsoon Island. Visitors and residents can apparate to a small rock on the southernmost point of the island, then cross water and rough terrain by foot to make it to the main land of Monsoon Island. From there, a large street called Main Street leads to the central building of the island, the Main Tower.

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The longest path on the island, running from the South Coast Rock apparition point up through the Pleiades Emporium, past the Healing Center and directly to the Main Tower of the island.
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This is a place designated for the shopping centre of the island. A place where you can find all the stores and retail outlets for all of your needs.

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Jollyful on Jun 9 2018, 10:45 PM by 🐦Chrystall Drake-Berry
The only paved street of the island, other than the Main Street. Fire Road runs into Main Street just before you arrive at the Main Tower.

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And You Are? on Jun 21 2018, 10:29 PM by 🐵Elizabeth Foster
Under a curve of Fire Road, following stairs engraved in the rock, you will access a bay. The perfect spot for a romantic rendezvous.

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Check in on Aug 19 2017, 07:46 PM by 🏠Chrysaia Beretta
Where all residents and visitors of PSoM can come for treatment of sickness or injury.
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---- on -- by
For students in their 7th, 8th or 9th years only; there is an age line drawn at the entrance!
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From the entrance located on the water line, you can access a deep cave. Sometimes strange sounds come from its depths. This is the entrance to the Depths of the Island.
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In the past, this path was probably part of a small river that doesn't exist anymore. The shortest path of the island.
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Alone time || OPEN on May 22 2018, 09:20 PM by 🐴Sorry Darling
The old chapel at the end of the North Wind Tunnel.

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What time?|| OPEN on May 30 2018, 11:16 PM by 🐴Sorry Darling
Earth Street begins near the Chapel and follows along the coast until it ends in Water Street near the West Coast.
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I'm not sure! OPEN on May 31 2018, 10:42 PM by 🐴Sorry Darling
A sandy beach located off of Earth street. To all swimmers: beware of the Sandybrown Jellyfish!
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It's okay! OPEN on Jun 25 2018, 12:09 PM by Elesia Drake
It's believed that this house once was a part of an ancient library. Searching carefully you can find old manuscripts regarding the history of the island and surroundings. You can find the best knowledge repository here.
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Starting at the end of the East Wind Tunnel, this road follows the coast and ends in a grove.
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A small grove of pines and abies following the coast
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An ancient mound, believed to be a burial ground.
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An Ice Rink Set Towards the Water In the Grasslands. Perfect For Skating in the Winter of Cooling Off in the Summer.
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Green grass covering half of the island, ending at the West Coast.
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Flower garden planted by the original Chatelaines.
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Enchanted on Jun 21 2018, 09:48 PM by 🐦Lindi Oswald (P)
This is the forum where all past events will be moved to -- if you are not finished with your event RPs even after the event closes, feel free to continue them here. Please do not start NEW threads in the Time Turner -- this is just to give members a chance to wrap up old threads.
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Аренда жилья в ... on Aug 10 2018, 04:54 PM by Yaltahelp
First links, Link Back, and Affiliation areas can be found here.
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Everything in this forum has been completed and is here for storage and reference purposes.
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This forum stores inactive characters, plotters, wanted ads, chronicles, and threads.
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